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Induction furnace and its application

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Induction furnace is a resistance heating method that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer electric energy to the metal charge, and converts electric energy into heat energy to make the metal charge heat and melt. It is a static frequency conversion power supply composed of power semiconductor components, generally including AC-DC-AC frequency conversion and AC-DC frequency conversion. Therefore, to conduct induction heating, two conditions must be met: one is to use alternating current; Second, the heated objects must be metal materials.

According to the structure, induction furnaces can be divided into two categories: crucible type (i.e. coreless furnace) and groove type (i.e. cored furnace). Their main uses include melting, heat preservation and pouring. The frequency range of induction furnace is generally 0.05-10KHZ, which is mainly applicable to the heating, smelting and insulation of steel and non-ferrous metals. The advantages of using induction furnace are:

(1) High power density, fast melting speed, convenient melting, suitable for energy-saving batch melting method;

(2) The operation is flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for the occasion where the molten metal varieties are often changed;

(3) The power frequency can be selected to make the medium frequency induction furnace more suitable for the melting of light non-ferrous metals;

(4) Due to high power density and no phase balance device, the civil construction cost is small;

(5) The metal melted in the medium frequency induction furnace is only overheated once, which is popular in the metallurgical field;

(6) Automatic control of medium frequency induction furnace operation, automatic fault diagnosis of frequency converter and furnace condition monitoring can be completed by computer, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

It is the induction furnace that has many advantages, such as high efficiency, frequency conversion, low noise, small size, light weight, simple installation, easy operation and maintenance, and has a variety of protections, such as pressure and temperature protection for low cooling water pressure and high water temperature, over-current and short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, phase loss protection, crucible leakage and main circuit grounding protection.

However, the following points should also be noted when using:

(1) Before startup and operation, first observe the power supply voltage and three-phase power supply balance;

(2) Carefully check the connection of electrical contacts, especially silicon controlled rectifier, electric capacitor, water-cooled cable, etc;

(3) Open the cooling circulating water system to check the water circuit operation of the main engine and furnace body and maintain a certain water pressure;

(4) In order to reduce the erosion of electromagnetic stirring on the furnace lining during sintering and baking of the furnace lining, it is necessary to operate at low power (reduce the voltage) for a period of time to make the furnace body evenly heated;

(5) During normal operation, the operation of equipment shall also be inspected frequently, especially the water temperature of each branch. If you have experience, you can also judge whether the equipment is normal by the change of sound;

(6) If the electric furnace is interrupted, the cooling water can be reduced appropriately, but the cooling water cannot be closed, otherwise the residual heat of the furnace lining will burn the coil and insulation layer;

(7) During smelting operation, it is strictly forbidden (A) to continue smelting if the furnace lining is seriously damaged; (B) Interruption of cooling water; (C) Equipment and furnace body are not well grounded; (D) When the electric furnace is powered on and no safety protection measures are taken, loading, tamping solid furnace materials, sampling, adding a large number of alloys, temperature measurement, slag raking and other operations shall be carried out; When using the induction furnace, pay attention to the daily maintenance and overhaul of the equipment, especially to prevent the corrosion of electronic components by moisture, acid and alkali gas, timely generate various hidden dangers, avoid accidents and ensure long-term safe production.

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