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Repair of Copper Tube Burned through in Induction Smelting Furnace

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Reasons for copper tube burn through fault of induction smelting furnace:

There are two main reasons for copper tube burning through:

1. When pouring the furnace, the operation is careless or the furnace nozzle is too short, and the molten iron splashes on the copper pipe to burn it through;

2. It is caused by the overflow of molten iron after the furnace lining is burnt through.

How to repair the burnt copper tube of induction furnace

If cooling water overflows due to burning through of copper pipe, the boiler must be stopped immediately for repair. As the copper tube is installed in the furnace shell, it is inconvenient to weld, so it needs to be disassembled and taken out during repair. The technological process is as follows: tilting the furnace for tapping, stopping the furnace, cooling, removing the furnace lining, taking out the copper pipe, welding, re installation, building a new furnace lining, heating the furnace, and starting the smelting work.

A bonding method is introduced: stop the furnace temporarily, cut the 1~2mm thick copper sheet into small pieces, and the area should be slightly larger than the area of the copper pipe burning crack. Then use a saw blade or hand grinding wheel to remove the residue at the copper pipe burning hole, and use sandpaper to polish it. Quickly mix the shaped epoxy resin with the curing agent, and stick the trimmed copper sheet at the copper pipe burning crack. After a few minutes of planting, the epoxy resin will be cured to form a very high copper pipe bonding strength, At this time, the furnace can be restarted.

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