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Characteristics of induction furnace

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Induction furnace is converted into direct current through three-phase rectifier circuit, and then output into single-phase alternating current through inverter circuit, and then use electromagnetic induction principle to place the alternating magnetic field of workpiece to generate eddy current and heat, so as to meet the requirements of melting or quenching or diathermy.

Performance characteristics of induction furnace:

1。 The central control circuit is optimized by computer to optimize the design of combined unit circuit board. The equipment has stable performance, reliable quality and strong anti-interference ability;

2。 The coordinated component layout is reasonable and convenient for maintenance;

3。 Start and stop smoothly without current impact.

4。 Make the startup success rate 100%;

5。 It has perfect protection systems for over-voltage, over-current, voltage, water shortage, limitation and voltage limiting, thus ensuring the reliability and working stability of the equipment;

6。 The debugging and operation are fast, simple and easy to learn.

7. Fast heating speed and less oxidative decarburization;

8. High degree of automation, which can realize automatic production and improve labor productivity.

9. Uniform heating and high temperature control accuracy;

10. Low energy consumption and pollution

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