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Why does the induction furnace trip?

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One of the reasons for the induction furnace to trip is that the current regulator of the induction furnace is faulty. If the current regulator circuit fails, especially when the current transformer fails or the wiring is open, turn on the no current feedback control, the direct current voltage can reach the maximum value, and the direct current current can directly reach the maximum value This may cause the over-current protection or the switch of the main circuit to trip.

How to deal with this phenomenon, we should first check whether the current transformer is faulty, whether the wiring from the current transformer to the circuit board is disconnected, and whether the current regulator parts are damaged or open.

Another reason is that the button of the power regulator of the induction furnace is in the highest position, which will also cause the trip of the induction furnace. How to solve the problem except the quenching load, the other requirements are that when the machine is turned on, the power regulator knob should jump to the last position. If it can not be adjusted to the minimum position, the current protection will occur because the impact of the current is too large Or if the main circuit switch has protection function, it will trip.

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