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After using induction furnace

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After the first use of the new induction furnace and in the process of use, it is necessary to sinter the furnace lining inside the induction furnace. Furnace lining is divided into different acid and alkali lining according to raw materials and different raw materials needed in the smelting process. Different medium frequency electric furnace companies will produce different acid and alkali lining according to different needs.

The material used in lining is to form a protective layer along the furnace wall. This protective layer can well separate the smelting material from the induction coil in the furnace. Such an insulating layer can well protect the induction coil. Then, when forging the lining of the furnace, we should also pay attention to that we must balance the force, and then forge hard. The best way is to forge once.

When making a good lining, it has to go through a long time of baking. This baking must be carried out at low temperature, which can form a hard whole with good hardness and light weight, so that the medium frequency electric furnace can withstand the impact generated in the mixing.

In the sintering process, it is necessary to observe the method of low power and slow heating of empty furnace, and baking must be carried out continuously for 36 hours, so as to solidify the furnace lining well. The quality of this step is the fundamental to ensure the quality of medium frequency electric furnace.


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