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induction furnace and its characteristics

Time:2021-02-09   Nums:2872

Intermediate frequency furnace is a kind of electric furnace which uses induction current produced by induction coil to heat materials. According to different use conditions, if metal materials are heated, they are put in the crucible made of refractory materials; if non-metallic materials are heated, they are put in the crucible. It is mainly used for melting special high temperature materials, and can also be used as heating and control equipment for growing single crystal from melt.

The medium frequency electric furnace has the characteristics of rapid heating, high temperature, convenient operation and control, less pollution in the heating process, and can ensure the quality of products.

The induction diathermy product equipment produced by Yifei electric furnace is generally composed of main cabinet, electrothermal capacitor, induction furnace body, feeding and discharging transmission device and temperature measuring equipment. In full automatic control, it also includes PLC, HMI, industrial control computer system, industrial control configuration software and various sensors.

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