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Comparison of energy consumption between power frequency furnace and induction furnace

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According to statistics, the total capacity of electric furnace equipment in China is about 20 million kilowatts, and the power consumption is more than 20 billion kwh, accounting for about 8% of the national power generation. Therefore, energy saving is the primary task of electric furnace industry. Induction melting furnace is one of the most effective process equipment for smelting and heat preservation in modern foundry industry, and also the main energy consuming equipment. How to reduce the power consumption of induction melting furnace, Reducing production cost is the concern of furnace manufacturers and users

Induction melting furnace is mainly divided into power frequency coreless induction melting furnace (power frequency is 50, hereinafter referred to as power frequency furnace) and medium frequency induction melting furnace (power frequency is 150; 8000, hereinafter referred to as medium frequency furnace). Power frequency furnace is mainly used for smelting and heat preservation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to its mature technology, it has been widely used in the foundry industry. Medium frequency furnace is mainly used for steel and alloy steel, From the point of view of metallurgy, there is no difference between power frequency and medium frequency melting furnaces for most melting processes. Production experience also shows that the melting processes of these two kinds of melting furnaces can be well controlled. Only in individual cases, the quality of molten liquid will be affected by frequency selection, The main differences between frequency furnace and medium frequency furnace are as follows. 1. Medium frequency furnace has higher power density and higher productivity. That is to say, under the same stirring force and capacity, medium frequency furnace can input three times the power of frequency furnace. In other words, the crucible size of medium frequency furnace with the same power is only one third of the crucible size of frequency furnace, The input power of the intermediate frequency furnace is about twice that of the power frequency furnace. Therefore, the average power consumption of the intermediate frequency furnace is lower than that of the power frequency furnace. 2. The intermediate frequency furnace can empty the burden during each smelting, which is easy to change the type of molten metal. It is fast to start melting, and does not need to start melting. The power frequency furnace needs to leave part of the remaining molten iron for the next furnace to start melting, otherwise it needs to use the starter, In recent years, with the development of medium frequency technology, large high-power medium frequency furnace has been developed rapidly and has been adopted by more and more users, There is a tendency to gradually replace medium and small-sized power frequency furnaces. The energy consumption of power frequency furnace and intermediate frequency furnace are compared and analyzed, and the necessary technical data are provided as a reference for feasibility analysis and scheme selection. In the case of the same smelting metal, the main factors affecting the power consumption of the two furnaces are furnace capacity, daily output, frequency and power density, electric frequency and thermal efficiency of the furnace, etc, Generally speaking, under a certain power density, the power consumption of both frequency furnace and intermediate frequency furnace decreases with the increase of furnace capacity. Increasing furnace capacity and reducing power consumption are the common trend. Second, the influence of daily output on furnace power consumption. The difference between the influence of daily output of medium frequency furnace and frequency furnace on power consumption is quite large, The average power consumption is lower, but when the daily output reaches a certain value, the power consumption tends to be stable. The influence of the daily output of medium frequency furnace on the power consumption is not obvious. It can be seen that the economic benefit of power frequency furnace is obvious only when it works continuously. Power frequency furnace generally needs continuous operation, even if it doesn't work for a short time, it should be kept warm. Only in this way can the power consumption be reduced, Because of its starter block, it is especially suitable for single shift operation system, and its operation cost is much lower than that of power frequency furnace

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