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Design of induction furnace

Time:2021-02-08   Nums:2979

1. Fast melting speed, uniform solution temperature, small oxidation loss and uniform metal composition

2. It can start melting directly from the cold furnace, and the solution can be emptied completely, so it is convenient to change varieties;

3. The furnace shell is made of cast aluminum alloy or steel shell, which occupies a small area;

4. Simple operation and maintenance, good working environment and little pollution;

5. It can be configured in various forms, such as rapid melting type and power distribution type, with flexible and convenient configuration;

6. Compared with the frequency induction furnace, the medium frequency smelting furnace has moderate electromagnetic stirring, long service life of furnace lining, and can automatically track the changes of load parameters during operation without adjusting the compensation capacitance;

7. Power regulation is flexible, convenient and can be adjusted continuously and smoothly;

8. The furnace body is easy to overturn and dump, and the electric, manual, hydraulic and other tilting methods can be selected according to the needs.

9. It can start or stop at any time under any state.

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