IF capacitor

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Capacitor: The electric heating capacitor connected in parallel with the load may be broken down. The capacitors are generally installed on the capacitor rack in groups. When checking, the group where the breakdown capacitor is located should be determined first. Disconnect the connection point between the busbar and the main busbar of each group of capacitors, and measure the resistance between the two busbars of each group of capacitors, which should be infinite under normal conditions. After confirming the bad group, disconnect the soft copper sheet of each electric heating capacitor leading to the bus bar, and check one by one to find the breakdown capacitor. Each electric heating capacitor consists of four cores, the shell is one pole, and the other pole is led to the end cover through four insulators. Generally, only one core is broken down, and the lead on this insulator is jumped off. The capacitor can continue to be used, and its capacity is 3/4 of the original. Another fault of capacitors is oil leakage, which generally does not affect the use, but pay attention to fire prevention.

    The angle steel on which the capacitor is installed is insulated from the capacitor frame. If the insulation breakdown, the main circuit will be grounded. Measure the resistance between the lead wire of the capacitor shell and the capacitor frame to determine the insulation condition of this part.

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