Electric furnace building machine

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The electric furnace building machine consists of a vibrating host and a furnace building tool. Furnace building tools include: bottom vibration plate, furnace wall vibration plate, tamping fork, flat shovel.

The electric furnace building machine is based on the vibration force generated by the eccentric wheel driven by the motor, and transmits the vibration force to the sand material through the furnace lining vibration plate and the furnace wall vibration plate, compresses the sand material and discharges the air in the sand, so that the sand material and the sand material are separated. to achieve a high packing density.

The electric furnace building machine adopts a low-power three-phase vibration motor with a vibration frequency of 2900 rpm and a frequency of 50HZ. The vibration force is 1000-2000N, and the pressure is at least 0.3~0.5MPa; in order to make it easy for workers to operate, the motor is required to use an aluminum alloy casing, which is lighter in weight. In order to make the knot of the furnace lining more durable. And it can not only power up and down, but also do local rotation, bias and other movements in the furnace.

The pneumatic furnace building machine is mainly used for knotting the dry lining material of the intermediate frequency furnace. The pneumatic furnace building machine uses the principle of hitting the inner wall of the intermediate frequency furnace crucible with the air hammer, so that the large and small particles of the furnace lining material fill the gaps with each other, so as to achieve the tightness of the furnace lining material. Effect. The furnace building machine is designed with an automatic rotating device, which can be automatically rotated during use, and the input gas volume can be adjusted at will to adjust the vibration force and ensure uniform knotting effect.

The furnace building machine is simple to operate. One person is required to operate the crane to hoist it. After the knotting position is determined, the gas source can be opened. During the knotting process, the pressure can be adjusted appropriately to ensure uniform knotting, and the crane can be operated at any time to move up and down evenly. .

The working principle of the pneumatic furnace building machine is different from that of the electric furnace building machine. Compared with the electric furnace building machine, it is more automatic. It only needs to be hung by a crane to automatically tie the knot. Knotting is accomplished by vibrating the air pump. Generally, the pneumatic furnace building machine can also be equipped with a furnace bottom vibrator, which directly saves labor.

Pneumatic furnace building machines are generally suitable for knotting large intermediate frequency electric furnaces of more than 3 tons.

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