Quenching Transformer

Time:2024-06-13   Nums:2155


The 'intermediate frequency quenching' in the intermediate frequency quenching transformer is the induction heating surface quenching. It is a heat treatment process that uses electromagnetic induction, skin effect, eddy current and resistance heat to rapidly heat and cool the surface of the workpiece. When the surface is quenched by induction heating, the workpiece is placed in the inductor made of copper tube. When the alternating current of a certain frequency passes through the inductor, the workpiece in the alternating magnetic field will generate an induced current. Because of the skin effect and the effect of eddy current, the workpiece will The resistance heat generated by the high-density alternating current on the surface quickly heats the surface of the workpiece, and quickly reaches the quenching temperature, and then sprays water for cooling, and the surface of the workpiece is hardened.

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