Closed cooling tower

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The temperature of the cooling water in the intermediate frequency electric furnace body is relatively high. Because the cooling water contains calcium and magnesium ions, it is easy to scale when it exceeds 60 °C, so it is not recommended to use an open cooling tower for long-term use. The use of closed cooling tower and soft water can solve the problem of scaling, which can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the intermediate frequency electric furnace body. The water temperature of the intermediate frequency power supply is generally less than 40 ℃, and the sensitivity to temperature is high. The use of a closed cooling tower can cool the intermediate frequency power supply and the furnace body at the same time. The initial investment of using a closed cooling tower will be larger than that of an open cooling tower, but in the later stage, from the perspective of service life, energy saving, environmental protection and maintenance, the closed cooling tower is more recommended.

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