Swing Sieves Machine

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The working principle of the rocking screen: the basic rotary motion of the rocking screen is similar to that of manual screening. The 380V motor is used to drive the vibrating body to produce a three-dimensional rocking effect. During the rocking motion, the expected screening and filtering effect can be achieved. The motion trajectory of the swing screen itself is elliptical. The dwell time of each product can be adjusted. The meridional and tangential angles on the oscillating body can change the motion trajectory of the material on the screen surface. The eccentricity can be adjusted from 25 to 40mm. , The low-speed V-belt drive can be adjusted freely from 120 to 360rpm. The sieved material is uniformly dispersed on the screen surface from the center to the outer edge in the form of a spiral movement to the axial direction, and the particles close to the screen size are successfully separated; the larger impermeable screen particles are transported to the upper screen surface It is discharged at the outlet, and the material that penetrates through the screen holes falls to the lower screen surface for screening.

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