Shakeout machine

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The working principle of the shakeout machine:

A pair of symmetrically installed vibration motors run synchronously in reverse, the component forces in the horizontal direction balance each other, and the resultant force in the vertical direction causes the vibration isolation mass of the shakeout machine to vibrate sinusoidally at a certain acceleration, and at the same time, the working mass is made to vibrate by the resonance spring. Sine vibration at the same frequency. The mold is thrown up (with or without a sand box) and then falls to collide with the bed (working body), the sand mold is separated from the sand box, and the casting is separated from the sand mold. After the sand mass is broken, it falls to the sand return belt through the grid hole. Since the direction of the resultant force of the vibration motor is perpendicular to the upper plane of the working body, the casting cannot be unloaded by itself, and a hoisting device needs to be lifted off the machine to complete a casting process.

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