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  Electric furnace copper platoon was burning through how to repair?

Medium frequency furnace appear copper platoon was burning through the cause of failure:
Intermediate frequency furnace is in use process, appear copper platoon was burning through fault, there are two main reasons: one is pouring out of the furnace careless operation or mouth furnace short, splash liquid iron adhere to the copper platoon in their burning through; 2 it is lining is burning through, iron liquid spill cause copper platoon burning through.
Intermediate frequency furnace copper platoon was burning through how to repair?
Copper platoon burning through from a spill of cooling water, must immediately stop furnace repair. Because copper platoon installed in furnace in the shell, weld repairs inconvenience, repair, need to remove it out. Previous copper platoon repair process is: pour the iron furnace and furnace cooling off to stop and to remove copper platoon-copper platoon furnace weld repairs, installation and build new lining and copper platoon oven-furnace.
This currency repair methods at least waste a furnace lining, three class hours, and more power.
Here a sticky replenishing method repair copper platoon, more energy and time.
For the first causes of copper platoon burning through, can temporarily stop furnace, and at the same time will be 1 ~ 2 mm thick copper and cut into small pieces, its area is a little more than copper platoon should be burned split area, then use saw blades or hand grinding wheel remove copper platoon in burning through the debris, with sand paper burnish clean, quickly will setting of epoxy resin and curing agent mixture, the clip good copper in copper platoon in melt glue, a few minutes of epoxy resin curing, can form high copper platoon bond strength, where you can reset the electric furnace.
About the second causes of copper platoon burning through, the repair process as follows: pour the iron furnace and furnace lining, and stop maintenance for furnace and sticky copper platoon. The repair technology is the traditional weld-repair repair save a lining and plenty of working hours and baking power.

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