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  Medium frequency induction furnace operation caution

1) medium frequency induction furnacebefore furnace first checks push, discharging device, circulating water, air pressure is normal, the limit switch, automatic and manual switch position is in position requirements, check the stock is in accordance with the requirements of forgings. Cooling water is the lifeline of induction furnace, the cooling water must often attention, export shall not be more than 60 ℃ temperature.
2) start after if furnace, adjust heating parameters, wait for heating parameters to normal after stability of heating production.
3) to work if furnace under cold boiler first ShaoLiao, should not be used immediately power rating, should use normal power 60% 75% for over low heat, can avoid if furnace lining crack happens, stay lining up to 90 ℃ temperature uniformity around, can improve power to normal process power, formally began forging operations.
4) installed in the process of material to put right the blank, every big or deformation of the big deburring blank process can be installed to the furnace, and want to pay attention to pack material method, "water chestnut" up to place, lest jammed top bad lining.
5)yiphee medium frequency furnace and the former should not be at the same time there are two parts of the blank, LuQianGong must put the next heat before the rest of the arrangement in the blank material box, indicate the stock specifications and state, induction furnace materials should be finished in red.
If furnace is a kind of medium frequency electric furnace, has a lot of advantages: warming faster, oxidation and decarbonization less, labor conditions, is easy to realize mechanization and automation. But its blank dimensions shape the adaptability of the change is not strong. When the size of the blank shape within the require changes, such as shorten the length or add new blank size, etc, and that cannot be pure literally discharging push material, must according to the design of the sensor for related material discharging push calculation, so that we can guarantee the quality of the blank heating, otherwise will produce heating defects.

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