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  The sources of the medium frequency furnace harmonic

The power system harmonic from the electric furnace, that is from power generation equipment and electric equipment. Because of the generator rotor magnetic fields produced can't be perfect sine wave, so a generator voltage waveform can't be a bit not really sine wave. At present our country application generator has two kinds big: hidden extremely machine and saliency machine. Hidden extremely machine more for the steam turbine generator, convex very machine more for hydraulic generators.
For harmonic component is concerned, hidden extremely machine than saliency machine, but with the progress of science and technology, SCR, IGBT and other electronic excitation device input, so that the generator of harmonic component increased. When the generator voltage of the rated voltage of the higher than 10%, as the motor of the magnetic saturation, can make the voltage of the three harmonic increased significantly. Also in the power supply voltage transformer side more than the rated voltage more than 10%, also can make secondary side of the three harmonic voltage increase obviously. Because of the network voltage offset in the plus or minus 7%, so the power substation equipment, from the harmonic component is less, than the national assessment standard low, so power generation, the substation equipment is not influence the quality of the network voltage waveform of main contradictions.
Therefore, the influence of the power grid voltage waveform quality principal contradiction is nonlinear electric equipment, that is nonlinear electric equipment is the main harmonic sources, nonlinear electric equipment mainly in the following four categories:
• arc heating equipment: such as electric arc furnace, electric welding machine, etc.
The dc power rectifier, communication equipment, such as electric locomotive, electrolysis, electroplating, etc.
Again, communication rectifier inverter power equipment: such as variable frequency speed regulation, frequency conversion air conditioning.
• switch power equipment: such as medium frequency furnace, color TV, computer, electronic rectifier, etc

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