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ESR furnace electroslag remelting

 The electroslag remelting furnace uses remelting current to produce slag and heat and melt the self consuming electrode inserted into the slag pool. After cleaning the slag liquid, the metal droplet is crystallized into a special smelting equipment for the slag ingot in the water cooled crystallizer. Due to the inclusion removal effect and good crystallization conditions of ESR, ESR has good purity, as cast microstructure is fine and uniform, no white point and ring like segregation, low sulfur content, fine dispersion of inclusions and other excellent properties. Therefore, ESR in a monopoly position in the large and medium-sized forging blank production module, in nickel base alloy, high-quality die steel, maraging steel, dual phase steel billet, cold roll steel dominated, electroslag casting shaped pieces also unique domestic electric steel production has hundreds of thousands of tons. It is essential for the production of special steel electroslag furnace equipment.