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Automatic preparation type low temperautre paraffin spraying machine

Equipment use, characteristics and application environment

1. Application

Low temperature wax molding machine is suitable for the medium and small sized castings in investment casting industry in a variety of complex shape, high quality, high precision.

2. Equipment and Technology Charact

1.The machine adopts man-machine interface and PLC intelligent control, so that the control is stable and reliable, the failure rate is reduced and the maintenance is simple, so as to improve the work efficiency and wax shape accuracy

2). The paste barrel and the wax spraying barrel run independently, producing paste and spraying wax without disturbing each other

3).The built-in automatic hot and cold circulation control system of the paste barrel is used to make the cooling system work in the paste, without wax and wax blocks, double stirring and continuously forming wax paste, thereby reducing user investment and improving work efficiency.

4.With two manual nozzle, easy to adapt to the old mold and special mold of the wax

5). Gas path system adopts domestic advanced manual reversing valve. Oil and gas filtering device and insertion type quick connector, convenient installation, easy tube replacement, reliable sealing, over strong appearance, long service life

3. application environment

1.The ambient air temperature is -5~40, and the average temperature within 24 hours is not more than +35 ;

2. Atmospheric conditions: at +40 degrees centigrade, the relative humidity of the atmosphere is not more than 50%; at lower temperatures, higher relative humidity can be allowed

3. Above sea level: no more than 2000m

4.Where there is no rain or snow

Equipment composition

1).It consists of rack, wax barrel assembly, pneumatic system, electrical appliance and temperature control system

2).The wax shooting system consists of two independent systems, and the wax barrel and the nozzle part are adjusted conveniently

3).the most advanced low-temperature wax molding equipment, stirring, injection integration

Company introduction

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