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wax mold casting device double position column type wax ejector

Equipment and Technology Charact:

Double position column type wax ejector

1.       A four column structure with a press plate,open mold is stable and easy to dismounting

2.       Pressplate and working table adopts four water cooling ways method, fast cooling of the wax matrix

3.       The touch screen man-machine interface , that the operation is simple and the process parameters are stable.

4.       The device has a double mode, L pressure + secondary H pressure retraction wax ejection , H pressure + L pressure wax ejection , H pressure + L pressure + secondary H pressure wax ejection , Automatic top die and core pulling function .

5.      Large three layer tube, wax cooler and wax ejection cylinder to meet the production of a large mold.

6.      Equipment of low-voltage apparatus used by world brand Schneider, the hydraulic system is used in original Taiwan , the sealing ring of the Japanese NOK is used for the sealing of the wax ejection cylinder

The parameter :


MMY8 -2Z

MMY10 – 2 Z

MMY16 – 2 Z


8 T

10 T

16 T

Mold size





380V / 50HZ / 15.4KW

380V / 50HZ / 15.4KW

380V / 50HZ/ 18.4KW

Wax content

3 L

5 L

5 L










Equipment composition

1).It consists of rack, wax barrel assembly, pneumatic system, electrical appliance and temperature control system

2).The wax shooting system consists of two independent systems, and the wax barrel and the nozzle part are adjusted conveniently

3).the most advanced low-temperature wax molding equipment, stirring, injection integration

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