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Heating furnaces

Tetragonal heat-insulating furnace without crucibles

Product Description: the furnace design imported advanced fire resistant aluminum casting material, with high density insulation board, the surface of the furnace body heat loss and the heat radiation area is reduced, the surface temperature of the furnace body of about 40~55 DEG C, effectively save energy, improve the quality and stability of soup in high temperature environment to. And without the cost of crucible, the conditions of saving convenient and safe operation can be achieved.
Performance characteristics:
1., long service life and high fireproof and anti aluminum materials for the furnace wall, which can reduce the pollution and corrosion of molten soup and reduce maintenance time and cost.
2. melt temperature stable and we use the temperature control, and the use of SCR proportional control, more stable quality control of aluminum soup.
3. convenient maintenance to facilitate the cleaning of aluminum slag and oxide, the design of pneumatic lift cover.
Energy-saving crucible type electric furnace No crucible electricity holding furnace AL (kg) from the mouth soup capacity size (mm) deep soup (mm) size (mm) equipped with electric machine (kw) for SM - 300300 350X350 300 1500X1160 16 125T SM - 500500 400X400 350 1640X1240 18 250T SM - 650650 450X450 350 2160X1260 20 500T 850850 470X470 400 2180X1260 following SM - 21 650T SM - 10501050 550X550 450 2500X1460 24 850T SM - 12001200 600X600 550 2600X1500 27 1200T, according to customer requirements, tailor-made.