Industrial rotary drum dryer for wood saw dust sand corn rice grain dryer

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                                                                                   Industrial rotary drum dryer for wood saw dust sand corn rice grain dryer
S/NSize (L*W*H)1380*1000*1800
1Control systemPLC
Evaporation Capacity(kg/h)  
3Material SUS304 stainless steel
4Heating methodElectric heating
5Voltage220V / 380V
6Power200 KW
7Weight(KG)1000 KG


The main body of the rotary drum dryer is a slightly inclined cylindrical body that can be rotated. After entering the inside of the cylinder, the Baidu material will be dried in co-current or counter-current contact with the hot air passing through the cylinder or in effective contact with the heated wall surface. After drying, the product is discharged from the lower part of the other end. During the drying process, the material moves from the higher end to the lower end under the action of gravity by means of the slow rotation of the cylinder.

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